Air Conditioning Maintenance in Edmonton, KYWhether you own a ducted or ductless AC, you would do well to request air conditioning maintenance in Edmonton, KY. Though you may change the air filter and clean the outside compressor once in a while, nothing beats HVAC maintenance done by a professional from HVAC Services, Inc. who knows your system inside and out. The visit will only take around two hours of your time, and the benefits will be long lasting.

    These benefits include increased energy efficiency and minimal wear and tear to your system. A well-maintained AC can do its job in a timely manner with each cycle being neither too short nor too long, decreasing your monthly bill. With fewer issues to hinder performance and wear out the motor, among other components, a maintained AC will run for much longer. A ducted heat pump, even if it does double duty as a heating and cooling system, could last up to 20 years with annual maintenance.

    Edmonton Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Now that you’re familiar with the advantages of a yearly AC tune-up, you may wonder just what it involves. Some businesses offer multiple maintenance agreements for homeowners to choose from based on your budget.

    However, there are several aspects that are part of any air conditioning maintenance.
    • Air filter replacement
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Electrical wiring checks
    • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning

    Edmonton Air Conditioning Maintenance

    The technician could also lubricate the motor bearings, tighten any loose components, and inspect for issues like low air pressure, a hard start-up, and lukewarm air. Other problems can pose a health hazard, such as refrigerant leaks, but these can also be detected during a tune-up.

    Sometimes, the technician uncovers a problem that needs a separate appointment to be addressed. In that case, you would pay for that repair separately, but the good thing is that you deal with it before it grows and wreaks more havoc. You’ll be able to make informed decisions moving forward when the technician gives you a detailed report at the end of the tune-up.

    HVAC Maintenance for Edmonton Residents

    24/7 Emergency Repair ServicesIf you live in the Edmonton area and want a professional teams to provide you with HVAC maintenance, look to HVAC Services, Inc.. Altogether, our technicians have more than 425 years of experience. We have a good eye for detail, a personalized approach to work, and flexibility in our schedule. Our office is located in Glasgow on West Main Street close to North L Rogers Wells Boulevard.

    To schedule your initial appointment, simply give HVAC Services, Inc. a call today! We also offer AC repair and installation services.

    Call us during the fall season to schedule your annual furnace maintenance, as well.