Conditioned air that escapes from improperly sealed ductwork, poor insulation, and leaky windows can cost home and business owners hundreds of dollars a year. With energy costs skyrocketing, this problem will only get worse. Fortunately, the experts at HVAC Services, Inc. have the solutions. By utilizing our 3-step program, you can save money and conserve energy.

Sealed Ductwork Services in Glasgow,KY - HVAC Services, Inc

Step 1: BPI Certified Home Energy Audit

We utilize advanced building diagnostic tools to locate sources of high energy consumption, and health and comfort issues such as air leaks, insufficient insulation, moisture, faulty ducts, gas leaks, and ventilation. Diagnostic tests include:

Blower Door Infiltration Test to quantify and locate air leakage. We will also seal minor leaks in the duct.
Infrared Camera Inspection to identify insulation, moisture, and thermal issues.

Step 2: Home Energy Audit Report

We will present you with a comprehensive report of our findings that highlights areas of concern. You will also receive a detailed list of energy-saving improvements for the property, including any applicable government or utility incentives.

Step 3: Make Energy-Saving Improvements

Once a course of action is selected, an experienced HVAC Services, Inc. installation crew performs the scope of work that often includes heating and cooling systems, ductwork, air sealing and insulation, and indoor air quality procedures. We can even assist you in finding a reputable replacement window or insulation contractor, if necessary.

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