Seventy percent of U.S. households are affected by allergies or asthma. These family members are more susceptible to harmful particles and allergens in the air in their homes, which can mean serious health implications. Improving your indoor air quality is an important step in reducing allergic and asthmatic triggers.

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Causes of indoor allergies

In the spring or fall, most allergy symptoms are caused by pollen or mold spores, but other causes also play a part. In fact, up to 72 trillion allergens find their way into your home every day.

  • Mold spores can irritate the respiratory passages
  • Dander from pets can float in the air and cause reactions in sensitive family members
  • Dust mites can lurk in bedding, upholstery and almost any other soft material, generating irritating waste particles that can become airborne
  • Dust – the big culprit. The average home generates about 40 pounds of dust per year per 1,500 square feet of space
  • Homes are built more airtight than ever, trapping more allergens and irritants indoors

Learn How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

At HVAC Services, Inc. we have a solution:

Lennox PureAir

Advanced Air Purification System
  • Treats all three categories of airborne contaminants
  • Uses and produces no ozone
  • Reduces more ozone than any other air purifier
  • Treats bacteria, mold, viruses, and more
  • Removes 90% of airborne viruses like flu and cold viruses
  • Reduces chemical odors
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Industry-leading filtration system

Lennox PureAir isn’t just your average air purifier. In fact, it’s the only whole-home air purification system that treats for a full range of airborne contaminants. The Lennox PureAir reduces or eliminates small breathable particles, bioaerosols and microorganisms, and vapors and chemical odors like VOCs (volatile organic compounds). With the highest-rated filtration system available, the Lennox PureAir utilizes photocatalytic oxidation technology to remove 95% of particles that you would otherwise breathe in from your air supply, like bacteria and smoke. It also removes up to 90% of airborne viruses like the flu and cold, and 99.9% of dust, pet dander, and mold spores without the use of ozone. In fact, this incredible air purifier actually reduces more ozone than any other air purifier available.

Lennox PureAir is more than just an air purifier. It’s a whole-home air purification system that will allow you to breathe easier, and enjoy healthier, safer air for you and your entire home. Improve your indoor air quality today with the help of our experienced team, and the incredible Lennox PureAir whole-home air purification system!

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