HVAC Services, Inc. can install an attic fan in Bowling Green, KY, in your home. An attic fan or whole house fan is a great way to keep your house cool during the summer without running your air conditioner nonstop.

    It’s an ideal solution if you’re on a tight budget and want to save on your energy bills or if you simply don’t have a reliable air conditioner in your house. We can install a fan in essentially any property, making it a practical option for most homeowners.

    Bowling Green Attic Fan Installation

    An attic fan keeps your home cool by drawing hot air from your living space up into your attic. Once it’s in your attic, the hot air leaves your house through soffit vents in your ceiling. The fan also pulls cool air through open windows and circulates it throughout your residence.

    If you don’t have an attic in your house, we can still install a whole house fan that pulls hot air through a vent in an outside wall or an opening in your roof. A whole house fan is great for keeping your home cool during the summer, but it also has many other benefits.

    Additional benefits include:
    • Helping you save money by not running your AC all the time
    • Extending the lifespan of your HVAC system
    • Removing airborne pollutants such as pollen and dust from your home
    • Helping remove bad odors from your house
    • Lowering your household’s carbon footprint

    A fan installed in your attic can also be incredibly helpful if you like to paint or plan to renovate your home. Not only can it help eliminate odors and fumes associated with paint, but it can also help paint dry more quickly. Naturally, this also comes in handy if you need freshly mopped kitchen floors or shampooed carpets to dry quickly.

    Professional Whole House Fan Installation

    Installing a fan in your attic could be just what your house needs to feel cool without resorting to running your air conditioning all summer. The team at HVAC Services, Inc. will be happy to install one for you. We serve homeowners in South Central Kentucky and always strive to provide our clients the best and most courteous service.

    We’re proud to be an EPA-certified company. Plus, we work with Energy Star-certified products whenever possible. We also offer financing options on approved credit for installations.

    To learn more about having an attic fan installed in your home, contact HVAC Services, Inc. in Bowling Green today.