May 5, 2021

Glasgow, KY, has four wild seasons of weather every year. You’ll need a properly functioning heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable. The most cost-effective and efficient way to ensure indoor comfort is with regular maintenance for your HVAC system. Our maintenance agreement, the Fan Club, offers these three ongoing benefits to each subscriber.

1. Same-Day Service

As a Fan Club member, you receive priority service when you have a heating or air conditioning problem. If your air conditioner breaks down during an intense summertime heatwave, you won’t have to wait long for us to troubleshoot and to fix it. Fan Club members also get priority scheduling for annual autumn and spring heating and cooling tune-ups.

2. No Overtime or Holiday Fees

Heating and cooling systems don’t just malfunction during business hours. If your furnace goes out on a Friday night, you don’t want to wait until Monday morning to have it fixed. If your air conditioner goes out on Independence Day, we don’t charge a holiday fee. There are no overtime, night, weekend, or other extra fees for Fan Club members.

3. Fewer Repairs and Longer System Lifespan

Keeping up with routine heating and cooling maintenance means fewer breakdowns. We identify worn parts and replace them before they fail. Regular tune-ups also extend the lifespan of the HVAC system. If you do need a repair or replacement, Fan Club members get discounts and free consultations for selecting a new system.

In addition to maintenance agreements, you can also count on us for reliable heating and air conditioning repair and replacement services. Our sheet metal fabrication, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and new construction services are designed with your comfort in mind. If you’re a Glasgow-area business owner, turn to us for commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. The Fan Club maintenance agreement provides you with free consultations, discounted services, and rapid responses to urgent issues. To learn more about our Fan Club membership or our other services, get in touch with us at HVAC Services, Inc. today.

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