January 5, 2021

High indoor humidity levels in your Glasgow, KY home can affect your health, comfort and well-being. When the humidity level soars past 50%, your home can also experience structural issues and damage to furnishings, flooring and walls. The Ultra-Aire whole-house dehumidifier products offer many benefits, making them an ideal solution to help with indoor climate control.

Flexible Installation Options

The Ultra-Aire whole-home dehumidifiers are available in in-wall, cabinet and ducted configurations. Whether you’re adding one as a retrofit or putting one into a new construction home, these configurations give you many flexible design options. You can have the unit installed in a convenient location that maximizes your living space.

Energy Star-Certified

All of the Ultra-Aire whole-home dehumidifiers have the Energy Star certification label. This means they operate as efficiently as possible. They use 30% less energy compared to other whole-home dehumidifiers of the same capacity. Your home won’t use as much electricity to power this type of dehumidifier. Your utility bills will be lower, and your home’s carbon footprint will be smaller.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Excessive indoor humidity makes your skin feel warm and clammy. Your body won’t be able to cool itself, so you won’t feel comfortable. These dehumidifiers maintain an ideal humidity level of 30% to 50%. This reduces the proliferation of dust mites, spores and other allergens. Maintaining ideal indoor humidity levels also protects your home’s wood and upholstery. The dehumidifiers have air filters with a minimum efficiency reported value (MERV) rating of 13. They remove dust, dander, vapors, odor-causing chemicals and other particles from your home’s air. This makes it easier for you to breathe.

At HVAC Services, Inc., we’re proud to be your local installers of Ultra-Aire whole-house dehumidifiers in Glasgow. Homeowners also turn to us for heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement and installation. Our geothermal, sheet metal fabrication, indoor air quality, energy solutions and care plans are designed with your comfort and budget in mind. For additional details about the Ultra-Aire whole-home dehumidifier products, get in touch with us at HVAC Services, Inc..

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