November 18, 2020

Many people are under the impression that tiny space heaters are an energy-efficient way of staying warm during the winter months. However, the reality is that indoor heaters simply cannot compete with a traditional central heating system. There are several reasons why indoor heaters might be a bad idea during the winter months.

Indoor Heaters Come With Major Burn and Carbon Monoxide Risks

Space heaters get extremely hot on their exterior. Just casually bumping up against one can be enough to cause significant burns. If you have a pet or small child, indoor heaters are an especially bad idea. Indoor heaters that burn fuel, such as a wood stove or portable gas furnace, are particularly risky because ventilation problems can cause toxic CO2 to build up.

Central Heating Is More Energy Efficient

A space heater is just designed to provide brief bursts of supplemental heat. Due to its compact size, it’s not capable of using fuel very efficiently. Compared to a standard central heating system, space heaters use far more energy without producing half as much heat.

Indoor Heating May Cause House Fires

The extra-hot surfaces of indoor heaters can also cause problems because they’re prone to starting fires. If a blanket or stack of mail ends up falling against an indoor heater, a dangerous fire can start. Electric models can also start fires through short circuits.

Space Heaters Cost More Money to Run

Because space heaters are energy inefficient, they result in much larger utility bills for you. To heat the same size of house, an electric space heater would cost 43% more than a gas furnace. If you want to keep your winter energy budget at a reasonable rate, it is better to skip the space heaters.

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