February 13, 2020

Perhaps you purchased a new furnace or you own one that has consistently performed for several years. As a result, you may be wondering if furnace maintenance, which so many HVAC companies recommend, is that important. Below, we want to explain just a few of the benefits of regular maintenance.

Lower Energy Bills

A poorly maintained furnace will develop problems here and there. The belts may become worn, and the burner flame may be in need of adjusting. These problems may be small, but they will impact your energy bills.

They can also cost you money in the long run by raising the chances of a system breakdown. With regular maintenance, though, you won’t need any major repairs performed on it.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The reason why you would save on your energy bills is simple: The furnace, being properly maintained, will run more efficiently. At HVAC Services, Inc., we want you to have the most energy-efficient unit possible in Glasgow, KY. We don’t want the unit to take forever to heat your home or leave your rooms with cold spots afterward.

Every year, our technicians could come over to perform a basic tune-up. We could calibrate the thermostat, for instance, so that it always accurately reads the indoor temperature. We could clean components of any dirt and debris that affect airflow.

Fire Prevention

Another benefit of continual maintenance is, in the case of oil- and gas-fired furnaces, fire prevention. These furnaces can, after all, develop leaks and cracks. Cracks in the heat exchanger or gas valve can also expose you to toxic gases like carbon monoxide.

Warranty Protection

At the very least, furnace owners should consider annual maintenance if only to keep their manufacturer’s warranty valid. Warranties can cover them for several years in case they need parts replacements or complete system replacements.

Quality Maintenance Every Time

With a team of certified technicians serving all of Glasgow, HVAC Services, Inc. is a trusted source for furnace maintenance, repairs, and installations. We also provide duct cleaning, energy solutions and light commercial services. Contact us today for service!

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