HVAC Services, Inc. has been providing its customers with superior service in Glasgow, Bowling Green, and south-central Kentucky for more than 35 years. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is unmatched. Customers should expect the service we provide to be extraordinary…we call it Super Service. Super Service is a concept that has been proven and perfected through years of experience.

So, what is Super Service?

Super Service is more than just a concept or “catchphrase”–it is a state of mind. It is backed up by core principles and implemented through the use of exacting standards.

For our customers, Super Service begins before the phone rings. When a customer calls our office, only seasoned, knowledgeable professionals, trained and dedicated to serving you and solving your HVAC needs, will answer the phone. You will never get an answering machine.

Same Day Service Guarantee for HVAC Services in Glasgow, KY

Our crew is available as long as you are, and a team member is around 24/7/365 to make sure your emergencies are handled…


It really does mean, same day service

When you call HVAC Services, Inc., our dispatch center will ensure that your issue is handled that day. Our team will meet you after hours, on weekends, and on holidays. And if you’re a member of the Fan Club, there is no overtime or extra charge for any of it!

Our customers can take comfort in the technician that arrives at their door. Every technician that we hire is carefully screened and must have completed the appropriate classwork in HVAC theory. From there, the technician must successfully complete an intense and rigorous multi-year, in-house training program. He not only comes to the door with his personal experience but also the full backing and support of the whole company… that’s more than 425 years of combined experience. All of our technicians are state tested and equipped with the most modern troubleshooting equipment available.

After a thorough diagnosis, our technicians are able to provide you an estimate for repair and recommend the best course of action, based on your needs. Because of our history and broad expertise in our field, we are able to locate and acquire parts quickly and repair your system with as little down-time as possible. If parts can’t be found or received promptly…then you will see us go the “extra mile.” Sometimes this might means portable heaters or used parts to get you by until factory parts arrive. We will do whatever it takes, whenever it is needed… no one will care more about your problem more than HVAC Services, Inc..

If due to age or condition of equipment repairs are not feasible the technician can immediately arrange for a comfort specialist to assist you in your new equipment choice and provide you with a written estimate and proposal.

After the repair, you can expect to have the best warranty available, (1) year repair warranty for Fan Club members and 90 days for non-Fan Club service customers.