December 9, 2021
HVAC Winterizing Steps in Glasgow, KY

Chilly air has arrived in Bowling Green, Glasgow, and the surrounding areas of South Central Kentucky. Before the polar vortex arrives, it’s important to winterize your home’s heating system. These three steps can be done in less than an hour, and you’ll enjoy improved comfort, better energy efficiency, and cleaner air when you’re finished.

1. Change the Air Filter

No matter whether your home has a furnace or a heat pump, the air handler contains a filter. After one to three months of use, the filter becomes clogged with particles. A dirty filter not only allows the rest of the particles to circulate through your home’s living areas, but it also allows them to settle on the moving parts of the heating system. This accumulation causes excess friction and decreases the heating system’s efficiency. Replace the air filter every three months or sooner if it’s dirty in less time.

2. Update Thermostat Settings

Switch your thermostat from the cooling function to the heating function. Be sure to place your fan on the auto setting. This setting only activates the fan during a heating cycle. Update the temperature settings to reflect your preferences for temperatures while you sleep, wake up, and during the day. If your work schedule has changed, update the thermostat to reflect the hours you’re away from home.

3. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Your heating system needs an annual tune-up. Many maintenance tasks should only be done by a licensed and trained HVAC professional. New heating systems have lock-out devices that prevent homeowners from accessing certain areas of the heating system. An annual tune-up improves your heating system’s efficiency and ensures that it’s safe to use.

HVAC Services, Inc. is the trusted heating maintenance company in South Central Kentucky. In addition to heating maintenance, we also offer AC maintenance and heating and cooling repairs and installations. Our indoor air quality, sheet metal fabrication, new construction, and commercial services ensure that all of your comfort needs are met. For more information about winterizing your home’s heating system, contact us at HVAC Services, Inc. today.

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