AC Maintenance in Beaumont, KYThere are many reasons to get home AC maintenance in Beaumont, KY. Regardless of the type of system you own, an AC tune-up from HVAC Services, Inc. can help it run more efficiently and possibly continue for years to come. Even a brand-new system needs service; most manufacturers won’t honor their warranties if the owners don’t get professional maintenance.

    A well-maintained system doesn’t break down as often, which saves you money and headaches. It’s a good idea, experts say, to schedule maintenance for the spring because it can effectively prevent breakdowns in the summer. Next, a well-maintained system can get you the cool air you want more quickly, which means lower energy bills. With better performance can come better indoor air, too, because ACs are known to indirectly reduce moisture.

    Beaumont AC Maintenance Team

    There are a lot of benefits for what amounts to only a one- or two-hour job annually, but it’s true. If you do your part as well, such as by changing the air filter in the return vent every 90 days, you can see the results. AC maintenance won’t prevent all repairs, of course, but any necessary fixes will likely be minor in nature.

    There are a few services that you can expect from the typical AC tune-up.
    • A comprehensive visual inspection
    • A cleaning of the coils, grill, and other components
    • A check for air duct leaks or refrigerant line leaks
    • Replacement of old wiring and malfunctioning parts

    Beaumont AC Maintenance Team

    A tune-up usually doesn’t go beyond minor adjustments, but it does at least alert you to the need for a separate repair. The maintenance technician will explain the details in a report that you receive at the end.

    Other things that Beaumont residents can expect from an AC tune-up include thermostat calibration, a start-up check, and airflow testing. Thermostats need to be calibrated, or they become inaccurate in their temperature readings. The system must blow out strongly enough, too; low air pressure can signify a blockage in the vents or another issue.

    AC Tune-Up Providers in Beaumont

    24/7 Emergency Repair ServicesEstablished in 1983, HVAC Services, Inc. is a top source for AC maintenance in the Beaumont area. We’re located in Glasgow on West Main Street and not far from North L Rogers Wells Boulevard, and we have technicians on hand who can punctually arrive at your home and give you warm, personalized care. We boast more than 425 years of combined experience in the AC industry. We’re also EPA certified, so if our team has to handle a refrigerant problem, for instance, we’ll do so without endangering your health or the environment.

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