HVAC Company in Beaumont, KYLocated in Glasgow, HVAC Services, Inc. is an HVAC company that provides residents of Beaumont, KY with professional heating and cooling services for both residential and commercial buildings. Beaumont is an unincorporated community that is situated approximately 20 minutes southeast of Glasgow on State Highway 90 in Metcalfe County. Among other things, the town is notable for being home to a manufacturing plant that produces Kingsford barbecue grills.

    Beaumont’s location in south-central Kentucky means that it experiences hot, humid weather throughout most of the spring and fall. Although the winters are usually fairly mild, there are still plenty of days each year when the temperature plummets to near freezing. These massive fluctuations in the weather mean that you need to know you can rely on both your cooling and heating systems to work properly when you need them to. At HVAC Services, Inc., our experienced team can handle all of your HVAC repair, installation and maintenance needs to ensure you remain comfortable all year long.

    Heating and Cooling Repair Services

    Heating and Cooling Repair Services

    One question we are frequently asked is whether it makes more sense to repair your HVAC equipment or replace it. When you choose HVAC Services, Inc., our technicians will evaluate the age and condition of your equipment and provide you with all of the information you need to make the best decision. We can repair all makes and models of equipment, including air conditioners, gas and electric furnaces and heat pumps.

    If you suspect your heating or cooling system isn’t working properly, you should watch out for any of these signs that indicate you need to contact an HVAC company.
    • Sudden, unexpected increase in your energy bill from one month to the next
    • Insufficient heating or cooling
    • Inadequate heating or AC in some parts of the building
    • Loud noises whenever your heat or cooling is running
    • AC or furnace runs constantly or frequently turns on and off

    Professional HVAC Installation Services

    Professional HVAC Installation ServicesWas your old furnace or air conditioner installed more than 15 years ago? If so, now is definitely the time to consider upgrading to a new unit. Replacing your old equipment before it totally gives out ensures that you’ll have heating or cooling throughout the winter or summer. The fact that new HVAC equipment is much more energy efficient also means that replacing your furnace or AC unit could drastically reduce your heating or cooling costs. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer and carry a wide selection of highly efficient furnaces and air conditioners. We also specialize in Mitsubishi heat pumps and mini-splits.

    Beaumont’s HVAC Maintenance Services

    It is impossible to overstate the importance of having your heating and cooling systems professionally maintained once a year. Annual maintenance is the best way to extend the lifespan of your equipment and also minimize the amount you have to pay to keep your building heated and cooled. Our maintenance services involve inspecting every aspect of your heating or cooling system and also cleaning the equipment to improve its efficiency. This includes not only your furnace or air conditioner but also the blower fan, thermostat, ductwork, etc.

    For more information on the range of services we offer or to schedule an appointment, give HVAC Services, Inc. a call, or simply fill out our contact form.