Furnace Installation in Beaumont, KYA furnace installation in Beaumont, KY may be just around the corner for your residence. If your old heating equipment is past its prime, the only questions are when to replace it and with what product. Since heating replacement is a major step, you’ll want professionals like ours at HVAC Services, Inc.to help guide you through it. But before we get to that, we want you to know how you can tell if you should replace your current oil, gas, or electric furnace.

    First, consider the performance. Does the system short-cycle and never deliver the warm air you desire? Has the air pressure gone down recently? You could think about how many times you’ve had it repaired in the past few years as well as how much you’ve been paying each month for heating. If the monthly bills and the number of repairs are increasing, these may point to an irreversible issue. Lastly, take into account the age of your furnace. Furnaces can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on the brand, the fuel used, and the level of maintenance received. Nevertheless, old systems with short-cycling and other problems should probably be replaced.

    Furnace Installation in Beaumont

    Let’s say that you’ve determined on a heating replacement project for your home in Beaumont. An HVAC expert could help you select the right product moving forward. There are many brands to choose from; for our part, we’re a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, and we carry numerous systems with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR label, attesting to their energy efficiency. Our technicians, however, are familiar with all makes and models.

    Not just any system will work for your home, though. You shouldn’t think that the bigger a system is, the more efficiently it will heat. Rather, one must weigh the following factors:
    • The square footage of the home
    • The rate of heat loss
    • Insulation levels
    • The number of windows

    Rate of heat loss is important because this refers to the rate at which heat escapes from your home. If your home lacks insulation and has many windows, that rate will likely be fast, requiring you to get a more powerful furnace. On the other hand, a furnace that’s too powerful will heat your home too quickly, do so unevenly, shut off before the process is done, and try again. This wears out the equipment prematurely. Once you select an appropriate furnace, though, there’s nothing to be stressed about. The installation itself will take a few hours at the most.

    Beaumont’s Heating Replacement Experts

    Beaumont's Heating Replacement ExpertsLeave your furnace installation project to our technicians at HVAC Services, Inc., who boast more than 425 years of combined experience and can serve anyone in the Beaumont area. We’re known for our quick responses, flexible scheduling, and up-front pricing. We back up everything we do with a satisfaction guarantee.

    Call our friendly office staff at HVAC Services, Inc. today for more details on our furnace installation in Beaumont. We can also help with furnace repair and maintenance services.

    Not in need of a new furnace? We also offer a great selection of air conditioning systems for installation or replacement.