AC Installation in Scottsville, KYIf you are looking for top-of-the-line AC installation in Scottsville, KY, then contact HVAC Services, Inc. to handle the job. The summers can get pretty hot and humid, so if you need to get a new air conditioning installation, our team can be right there to set it up. If your unit is no longer working, and repairs aren’t enough to save it, don’t fret, we have new energy-efficient units that can save you money. Plus, they’ll likely have new features that will allow you more control over your home comfort. Our experienced team will do whatever it can to provide you with top-notch home cooling. So if you need a new AC unit, make sure to contact us right away.

    A Local Experienced AC Installation Team in Scottsville

    The modern AC unit has a lifespan of between fifteen to twenty years. If you want your unit to last, then getting a yearly tune-up by an experienced professional is the way to go. Some manufacturers even require it if you want to maintain your warranty. Even so, your AC unit can only last for so long, and when it gets older, you’ll probably need more repairs to keep it going. It’s better to get a new unit rather than spend an excessive amount of money on a unit that’s going to last maybe a year or two at most. When we handle your air conditioning installation, you’ll be able to get back to cooling your home in no time.

    If your unit is having any of these issues, and a repair isn’t enough, then contact us to get your AC installation today:
    • Your home has weak, lukewarm air
    • It’s getting repaired all the time
    • The unit is constantly shutting off
    • It’s always leaking

    Your Air Conditioning Installation Experts

    Your Air Conditioning Installation Experts

    HVAC Services, Inc. has been helping Scottsville residents with their home comfort needs for over thirty-five years. We are highly efficient and thorough with every job they do, making sure you are completely satisfied with the results. We never take shortcuts or overlook anything, and when we do your AC installation, we promise to make sure everything works as it should. We can also help you with any other home comfort issues that need to be addressed. When we finish our job, you’ll be able to get back to a comfortable home without having to worry about any major issues in the near future.

    If you’re looking for an AC installation in Scottsville, then contact HVAC Services, Inc. right away. We’re also available for AC repair and maintenance.

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    If you’re ready to replace your heater, we can help with that, too. Call our team today to get started on your furnace replacement!