Furnace Replacement in Scottsville, KYIt may soon be time to schedule a new furnace replacement in Scottsville, KY. If so, consult with us at HVAC Services, Inc.. Some homeowners, understandably, delay in getting a heating replacement, but this may not save them money in the long run. A furnace that’s on its way out will run inefficiently, forcing you to pay more than you should on your monthly bill.

    Besides an unusually high energy bill, check for clear signs of inefficient performance such as short or long cycles, lukewarm air, cold spots in certain rooms, and low air pressure. Also, ask yourself how often you’ve had the furnace repaired in the past few years. If the number comes to more than two or three, and if the repairs were extensive, it’s better not to bother with further short-term fixes. This will especially be the case if the furnace is over a decade old.

    Scottsville Furnace Replacement Basics

    Installing a new furnace doesn’t take so much time, but it’s choosing the right one for your home that can be a challenge. We recommend that you enlist professionals like ours at HVAC Services, Inc. who can take into account certain details about your home that will determine the size of furnace you need.

    Here are some of those details:
    • The square footage of your residence
    • The number of windows in the building
    • The amount of insulation you have
    • Your home’s overall rate of heat loss

    Even climate can play a role. After all, in an area that doesn’t suffer too much from low temperatures, you won’t need such a powerful furnace. The main thing is to avoid installing an oversized or undersized furnace. The former will heat your home too quickly while the latter will run forever and never get it sufficiently warm. The rate of heat loss refers to the rate at which hot air seeps out of the premises. If you have little insulation and many windows, the rate of heat loss will be rapid.

    There are many brands to choose from, which may complicate matters. For our part, we’ve been designated as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, and we’re confident that you’ll find the product you’re looking for in our Lennox line. Many of these come with the ENERGY STAR label from the EPA. That said, our technicians can work with all makes and models.

    Heating Replacement Professionals in Scottsville

    Heating Replacement Professionals in ScottsvilleFor close to 40 years, HVAC Services, Inc. has been handling heating replacement projects throughout the Scottsville area. At our company, we have a team of technicians who can claim more than 425 years of accumulated experience. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your new system as well as with any repairs and tune-ups we perform in the future.

    If you’re ready to schedule an appointment for furnace replacement in Scottsville, call HVAC Services, Inc. today! We also offer furnace repair and maintenance services.

    If you are in need of a new air conditioner, we can help with that, too. Call our team to get started today on your AC replacement!