May 9, 2022
Closed Vents in Glasgow, KY

Since you don’t use the upstairs so much, you’re thinking about closing the air vents up there during the summer. While it makes sense that the AC unit would then direct all of its air to the downstairs and shut off sooner, thus saving you money, this doesn’t hold up to the test of reality. The effects will actually be adverse.

Long Cycles and Hot Spots

Remember that the supply vents upstairs can’t be closed. The air handler will still suck air though them, and while that will include much of the warm air, it will also pull cool air from downstairs. This prevents your system from cooling your downstairs the way you want. The set point will never be achieved, and the AC unit will run for an interminable time.

In addition, the increase in air pressure in the ductwork can make some rooms colder than others. The resulting imbalance in temperatures won’t provide for optimal comfort.

Premature Wear and Tear

Pressurized air in the ducts will more easily escape into the outside unless your ducts have been professionally sealed. This isn’t the case in most houses, so expect a great deal of energy to be lost through leaks and holes. Check your monthly bills for any unexplained rise.

Besides this, the high pressure can wear out your air conditioner’s motor, which is a costly component. Here at HVAC Services, Inc., we often recommend that our customers in Glasgow, KY replace their cooling system altogether if the motor goes out and the system is over 12 years old. Note that extremely long cycles also wear out a system before it can reach the desired 15 to 20 years of efficient performance.

Decades’ Worth of Professional Experience

Opening in 1983 and serving the Glasgow area with distinction, HVAC Services, Inc. can diagnose any issue with your air conditioner. We provide maintenance and replacements when necessary. Our technicians can additionally work on furnaces, heat pumps, and indoor air quality systems. New construction projects and the fabrication of sheet metal ducts also fall under our expertise. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll strive to accommodate your schedule.

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