March 16, 2021
Air Conditioner

One of the best ways to remain cool and have a comfortable home during the hot weather is to have a functional air conditioner. It could be time to clean your air conditioner’s air filter if you notice a drop in the unit’s performance. Also, strange smells coming from an air conditioner every time you turn it on are a sign of dirty air filters. Air filters are essential elements of an air conditioner, and they need regular cleaning and maintenance. You’re in the right place if you’re wondering how to clean your air conditioner’s air filter.

Remove the Filter

The first thing you should check is whether or not you can dispose of the air filter. Some air conditioners have air filters that should be disposed of after some time, and some air filters can be cleaned. Confirm on the instruction manual. The next step should be to turn the air conditioner off to prevent a rush of unfiltered air into your home. You can locate the air filter for large central AC units along the return duct’s length, but you might have to unscrew it. Air filters of wall-mounted ACs are located on the front panel.

Cleaning the Air Filter

Unclip the air filter or pop it, depending on the AC’s model, then clean it using a vacuum cleaner’s tube extension. It sucks all the dust and grit from the air filter. You can then replace it after cleaning. You can also try washing the air filter if you still notice particulate matter attached to the air filter after vacuuming it. In addition, you can take the air filter out if it doesn’t fit in your sink. If the weather is nice, spray your hose on it. Avoid using the pressurized nozzle because you risk damaging or tearing the air filter.

Contact the Pros

Cleaning air filters can improve the AC’s efficiency significantly. You can consult our qualified professionals in South Central Kentucky to learn how best to clean your air filters. We serve South Central Kentucky, Bowling Green, Glasgow, and the surrounding cities. Besides our comprehensive heating and cooling services, we are experienced in-home energy audits, duct cleaning, geothermal services, blower door testing, and thermographic imaging. Talk to us at HVAC Services, Inc. for more information on cleaning air filters.

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