July 6, 2021

A properly functioning air conditioner shouldn’t make much noise during a cooling cycle. If your cooling system seems to be getting louder or starts making loud or unusual sounds, it’s important to take action. Follow these tips to reduce the amount of noise from your home’s air conditioning system.

Install a Compressor Blanket

A compressor blanket is a special type of insulation for air conditioner compressors. They reduce the amount of sound from the outdoor unit. You can purchase one and have our technicians install it for you during a maintenance visit.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Loud or unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner suggest that the unit has a mechanical problem. Its lubrication may be insufficient. There could be a loose or broken fastener. A fan blade may be bent. Our technicians troubleshoot these unusual sounds, find the source of the problem and correct the issue. The result will be less noise.

Build a Fence

Build a wood or vinyl fence around the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Make sure that there is at least three feet of space between the outdoor unit and the fence. Choose a fence that’s several feet taller than the air conditioner. The fence will be a physical obstruction to sound waves entering your home.

Trim Outdoor Vegetation

An overgrown tree branch, shrub or other item could be coming into contact with your outdoor unit. Keep the outdoor vegetation cut back so that it’s at least three feet away from the air conditioner. This eliminates annoying sounds and promotes the dissipation of heat.

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