August 17, 2021
End of Summer Maintenance in Glasgow, KY

Even though it’s still hot in Glasgow, KY, summer is starting to wind down, and soon fall and cooler temperatures will be here. So, it’s essential to take that time to service your HVAC system while it’s idle. There are things that you can check yourself, but trusted professionals like HVAC Services, Inc. should do any thorough maintenance.

The Basics

Regular maintenance includes a few obvious things like cleaning or replacing the air filter regularly. A dirty air filter will cause problems and keep your unit from running efficiently. For outdoor units, it’s also important to clear any foliage and brush that might have grown around them. You’ll also want to clean the drain line, removing the moisture to reduce the risk of mildew growing in the system.

More Advanced Maintenance

While it’s possible to perform some things yourself, an experienced HVAC technician will catch potential problems that you might miss. For example, a technician will notice strange odors and know to test for coolant leaks and properly lubricate fans and motors. A trained technician will also clean the vents and check for potential leaks in your ductwork. You’ll want to schedule this maintenance with quality experts from HVAC Services, Inc. near the end of summer. The technician can also help prepare your furnace for the coming cold months by inspecting the blowers and burners.

Professional HVAC Maintenance in Glasgow

HVAC Services, Inc. has been the trusted HVAC maintenance and repair service in Glasgow for over 35 years. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are carefully selected and have the most current training and the most up-to-date equipment. We’ll treat your home with respect and care, including wearing protective booties and thoroughly cleaning the work area. We offer same-day service and emergency 24/7 repair service. We can install, maintain, and repair all AC and furnace system brands. Our technicians also assist in indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and we perform sheet metal fabrication.

Call HVAC Services, Inc. to set up your end-of-summer AC maintenance today!

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