A mini-split AC in Glasgow, KY, can provide the extra cooling power your home needs. If you’re adding rooms to your home, then your existing AC might not be able to cool them. Air conditioning systems come in different sizes to accommodate the square footage and insulation of your home.

    With a ductless AC, you can control the temperature in each room a handler is in, ensuring everyone feels comfortable while saving money on cooling rooms you don’t use often.

    Installing a Mini-Split AC

    When you’re searching for a mini-split unit for your home, you should consider how many rooms it’s for. Single-zone models exist so that you don’t have extra handlers. You can find options with up to eight handlers in the system.

    The square footage and type of insulation your rooms have matter too. Our technicians need to visually inspect the space to know for certain which systems will work for you. Correct sizing is essential for the system to function well.

    Determine where you want the indoor handlers installed. Your options include the floor, wall and ceiling. We can install them either in or on the ceiling.

    However, the ceiling must be able to support the units. When we install indoor handlers on the wall or ceiling, we create a small hole for the refrigerant tubing.

    We also set up a condenser outside that connects with the indoor handlers via a conduit. Each room where a handler is will have its own thermostat.

    Benefits of a ductless air conditioner:
    • Efficient air conditioning
    • Flexible installation options
    • Compatibility with an existing AC system
    • Control over the temperature in each room

    Even if you have an existing AC system, we can install a mini-split for the extra cooling you need. Ductless air conditioners are energy efficient. They directly blow cold air into the room without having to first send it through ducts. On average, a home loses 25% of air-conditioned air to the ducts.

    Reliable Ductless AC in Glasgow

    HVAC Services, Inc. is an experienced AC company you can trust. We know how to properly install, repair and maintain ductless air conditioners.

    We carry high-quality AC systems, such as Lennox and Mitsubishi, but we can install all brands. Our technicians will wear booties inside your home to protect your floor.

    Lasting relationships with our customers are important to us. We stay flexible in scheduling appointments and offer financing options on approved credit for AC installations.

    Contact HVAC Services, Inc. for mini-split AC services in Glasgow.