April 5, 2021

Since it’s unlikely you’ll use your gas furnace in the summer, you may wonder if it makes sense to turn it off until it’s needed again. The answer to this depends on what type of gas furnace you have.

Your Gas Furnace Is Over 15 Years Old

If your furnace is over 15 years old, it probably has a pilot light that runs 24/7/365. A pilot light enables furnaces to start automatically, rather than needing to light your furnace by hand whenever you need it on.

It makes sense to shut off a gas furnace that uses a pilot light. The pilot light burns gas, which costs money. Turn the knob to “Off,” and then shut off the gas supply to your furnace. You should read its owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with how to turn your furnace off and on.

When you shut off the gas supply, make sure you do so only to the furnace. Otherwise, your gas water heater and gas appliances won’t work.

Modern Gas Furnace

Modern furnaces are highly efficient compared to older ones. One way they are more efficient is that they don’t have pilot lights. Instead, they’re activated by electric ignition. This makes it unnecessary to turn them off in the summer, as it’s not consuming any gas.

Air Conditioner Needs Furnace On

Even if your furnace has a pilot light, you don’t want to turn it off if your air conditioner relies on it. In an HVAC system, the furnace may control the fan function. If the furnace is off, the fan can’t turn on. This means the cool air produced by your air conditioner won’t be blown throughout your home.

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