February 15, 2023
Furnace repair Glasgow, KY

One of the most popular heating systems for residential homes throughout the country is the furnace. It’s affordable and runs throughout the worst of the winter season. However, it’s necessary to know what furnace will suit your home the best to ensure that your energy bills stay within reason.

Fuel Matters

There are four main types of furnaces that you have to choose from. These include natural gas, oil, propane, and electric furnaces. The main difference between each one is the type of fuel that it utilizes to create heat. All propane, natural gas, and oil furnaces will use the process of combustion to create heat and divert it through a heat exchanger, which then delivers warm air throughout your home.

Electric furnaces work a little differently. Instead of using combustion to create heat, they utilize electricity to heat up an element inside of the furnace. Air is forced over the element and heated. Then, it’s delivered to the rooms throughout your home.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

When you first start looking at the available furnace options for your home, you’ll find that some furnaces may be categorized as high-efficiency. Efficiency simply refers to how effective a particular heating system is at converting a fuel source into heat energy to create warmth. All furnaces are given an AFUE rating, which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. The higher a system’s AFUE, the more efficient it operates.

Typical furnaces will have an AFUE rating in the 80s, which classifies them as mid-range efficient. The Department of Energy has set a minimum AFUE rating of at least 80 percent for all furnaces. High-efficiency furnaces are typically between 90 and 98 AFUE. While these options can be more expensive to purchase upfront, they can save you a bundle on your energy bills throughout the year.

Reliable Furnace Service

HVAC Services, Inc. offers reliable furnace services throughout South Central Kentucky, including Bowling Green, Glasgow, and surrounding cities. We can also assist with your cooling, heating, and air purification needs. Call us today to get your next appointment underway.

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