April 6, 2023
Air filter services in Glasgow, KY

The filter inside an air conditioner traps dirt and other impurities. Keeping debris out of the system helps it run better, so working filters are vital. Filters won’t perform efficiently forever, so changing them on time is advisable.

The Lifespan of an Air Filter

It’s important to keep up with filter replacement for your HVAC equipment. Replacing your filters on a regular schedule helps keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Here’s a guide for how often to replace your filters:

1” basic filter – once per month

1” pleated filter – 1-3 months

4”-5” pleated filters – every 6 months

“Lennox PureAir” once per year.

Homeowners who put their air conditioners through heavy use might find their filters requiring replacement ahead of schedule.
Some air conditioning filters are reusable, meaning they can be cleaned. Never wash or clean an air filter that’s not designed to be reusable.

Running an AC With an Old Filter

Continuing to run an air conditioner with an old filter might lead to problems. A few signs could suggest the air conditioner’s filter requires a change. Some signs might be obvious, such as a frozen evaporator coil. Other issues may not be as apparent, as might be the case when a home’s energy bills are higher than normal. Those high bills may result from the clogged filter forcing the system to work harder, which could contribute to wear and tear. If the house isn’t cooling efficiently, that could be another sign that the system needs a new filter or some other maintenance.

Glasgow, Bowling Green, and other south central Kentucky residents can rely on the team at HVAC Services, Inc. for AC repair and maintenance. A technician can examine your system to determine if a clogged filter is causing other problems.


Allowing a clogged filter to remain in place might result in an overheating system. An overheated air conditioner could present danger. For example, excess heat might cause a fire.

Get in touch with the team at HVAC Services, Inc. today to discuss any issues with your air conditioner. We also provide indoor air quality, heating, and cooling services.

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